Playing well in the paintbox.

It is very unusual for two artists to work simultaneously on the same piece of artwork. Artists have reputations for being prima donnas and perfectionists. Well, we are both perfectionists, (Virgos) but while at the drawing board we are working toward a specific goal . No prima donnas allowed here, we are in a “No Diva Zone.”  We collaborate on pastels, a very forgiving medium for joint work.  Standing side by side, we begin the drawing and then do a switcheroo and change sides. At the end of the day, you can’t really tell where one artist began and another ended. This technique created a totally separate style from what we do independently. If you check this out on our web sites:, and you will see how the two styles are blended . Everyone always asks us, “Don’t you fight?” Well, of course we have some differences. But, if you can explain what is not working for you, so that the other person can  understand what you see, we compromise. Much like everyday life, work and marriage. The reason for creating and buying art is very personal. So, as we blog, we hope you will enjoy our unique perspective on art and will send us your questions and comments.

Stephanie and Natalie


~ by theartistspaintbox on September 15, 2010.

One Response to “Playing well in the paintbox.”

  1. Looking forward to see more of your unique work.
    Wishing you both years of working together in the
    fashion that you have successfully done.

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