Everyone’s A Critic

Lake Winnesquam

Lonesome Lake

Some art is “over the top”, but it makes us think and react. There is always more than meets the eye when viewing art that you might not “get”. To enjoy and fully understand it helps to do a little research on that artist and to stand in their shoes and see the art through their experience and eyes.

Most of us have years of training, experimenting, and soul searching to be creative in a way that is meaningful. Artists see everything as a possibility for expression. Our eyes and brain start to break down what we see into shape, and color. This is the challenge that we as artists face when trying to create work that looks simple, but isn’t. Breaking objects down to their most simplistic form is impossible to do without knowing how to draw.

In “The Eyes Have It” (Stephanie Lubin), a man’s oversimplified features create the drama that is intended from the title. But, in, “Thinking of You” (Stephanie Lubin), the man is painted in a “realistic” style, with the eyes still conveying an emotional story. Both are examples of basic drawing skill and the different impact of portrait style interpretation.  “Lake Winnesquam” (Natalie Eisen) a detailed painting of a lake at sunset and “Lonesome Lake” (Natalie Eisen) a more modern version are how these principles are interpreted in landscape painting.

Stephanie and Natalie

The Eyes Have It

Thinking of You


~ by theartistspaintbox on September 30, 2010.

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