Atlas Shrugged

Gwynedd Reserve Show, Saturday November 13, 2010, 10:00 -4:00

Morris Road, Lansdale,Pa. 19446

Last year we participated in this show and we did fairly well, and built a new customer base.  In light of the current economy, and speaking to other artists participating in  shows, we realized we needed more variety in our artwork and lower price point. To address the issue this year, we spent months creating small original paintings, decorative mirrors and  hand painted plaques. Getting ready for a show is crazy, but working a show is a whole different ball of wax. In the middle of this creative frenzy, Stephanie finds out she has a family obligation and there is no chance that  it could be changed. So, Natalie gets to do it alone. Yikes! This means flying solo without your partner. We always refer to ourselves as Lucy and Ethel, and we all remember what happened to Lucy when she worked alone!! One of Stephanie’s strong suits is her ability to relish the selling process. I can’t say that is one of Natalie’s favorites. But, to get the job done, Lucy will have to focus on the job at hand. Most artists prefer to work alone. But our original concept of working together created a mind meld of sorts  as we tend to finish each others sentences. The entertainment comes from the enthusiasm we have for what we do and people get caught up in our unconventional story.  Being a stand alone comic will be a new experience, wish me luck!

Natalie ( Lucy) and Stephanie (Ethel)


~ by theartistspaintbox on November 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Atlas Shrugged”

  1. Lucy, you’ll be fine by yourself. Don’t panic.

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