Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

Last time we talked about getting ready for Natalie’s solo flight at an Art show. She survived and the show was okay. The new projects received a lot of attention and sold very well. However, after commission and expenses, once again, we work for less than minimum wage. No wonder they call us “starving artists”…bah humbug. It’s nice to hear people appreciate our work and comment on the reasonable prices. So why isn’t more work selling? What are we missing?

Lately, it seems we beat ourselves up about the work selling and money. But at this time of year, what we all should be talking about is how much our families and friends mean to us. Forget about what gift to buy for whom, or how much everything costs. Take that extra dollar and instead of buying an overpriced latte schmatte, put it in the Salvation Army bucket, or find another charity that would appreciate it much more than the coffee. Instead of buying a gift, make a charitable donation in their name. The best gift is to tell your loved ones how you feel while you still have them with you. When they are no longer here, it is too late.

Happy Holidays to you whichever ones you celebrate. During this very busy time of year, take a moment to pause and observe the beauty that surrounds us. Whether it is in nature or in people it is important to appreciate our environment. We hope for a prosperous, healthy, and peaceful New Year for all.

Natalie and Stephanie


~ by theartistspaintbox on December 8, 2010.

One Response to “Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?”

  1. You expressed my thoughts exactly. The season should be all about the people in our lives, and about giving to those who are less fortunate.

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