New Years Resolutions?

What is it about a New Year that makes us want to change? Are we so unhappy with the way things are, we feel the pressure to make resolutions, new starts, clean slates….? As artists are we supposed to change just because the date does?  Is this the opportunity to reflect on where we would like to see ourselves at the end of next year? The harshest of those critics who judge us are ourselves. This year brings disappointment over the goals not met from the previous year.  Are they still even relevant? As the years go by it may be time to change our focus.  Is this growth?

We see the “crappy” work on other websites and in galleries that sell, when ours doesn’t, (judgement). What makes them click the “buy” button? What are we missing?

As we look at our artwork, the question is, do we need to “change” to sell? Or, as we talk about all the time, should we be painting for a specific audience? We look at how we work our familiar subjects and we do the same thing because its comfortable and we get a ‘good’ result easily. Is this the time to go to artistic new places? What happens to the familiar art that we know how to do?  Should it or does it even need to stay with us as we move on? When do you shake off what you know and go to the place that you don’t know, and why should you?

This has been an ongoing discussion for us and we struggle with it every day. We hear from galleries that like our work, but are not willing to take a chance because their buyers are resistant to purchasing an emerging artist, or that they look for a particular style. The internet is more open to diverse artwork and makes it available to all viewers without the influence of a gallery’s opinion. So the question remains, how do we get to the audience/buyer for our work and what are you the audience/buyer looking for?

Stephanie and Natalie

Outre Art


~ by theartistspaintbox on February 1, 2011.

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