What happened in September

A very strange thing happened this September, and it has to do with the power of trust. Artists generally have strong ideas about their work. It’s more than control of the finished product, its a personal representation of a statement or a vision. The viewer is left with their own interpretation that can make an artist justifiably frustrated at any given time. However this September something highly unusual happened. 

One of us spends the summer at the beach, the other is not a fan and spends the summer occupied with other interests. Either way we both work individually, almost daily. This summer, we did not see each other from June until September. However work was sent almost weekly from the beach back to be collaborated on with the other. Some suggestions were made about the thought process, but freedom of expression was encouraged.

So, yesterday I met with Natalie for the first time since June to see the final products that she created from my work. Almost every piece was perfect and exciting. She read into my inspiration and produced new and exciting work. Trust between friends is not always a guarantee, and an artist could never imagine someone touching their personal creation!!!!! However they say that when you have a REAL PARTNER, you can finish each other’s……..

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Hope everyone had a peaceful summer!

Stephanie Lubin & Natalie Eisen



~ by theartistspaintbox on September 11, 2012.

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