Brides will be brides

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Just “blinged” up a bride this morning. She wanted something special, and asked us to bring over some pieces from our collection since everything is one of a kind. The best part about the morning was seeing her face light up as she found the right piece for her neck and literally couldn’t wait to put it all together. It was incredible to see that the necklace she chose looked like it was made for her to wear with that dress! We were commissioned to make something special for each bridesmaid and do a final piece for her to finish the “look”. Good thing we went “shopping” yesterday at the Bead Show. 



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Have you ever had a creative overload? Yesterday, we went to the Bead Fest Bead Show held at one of the local convention centers, so we are talking big space. As we began walking from booth to booth, seeing all the beautiful beads, stones, pearls and glass, the overload began. I could imagine all the “as yet” to be created jewelry I could make from these raw materials. The choices began to seem endless and after awhile, I couldn’t make them fast enough in my head and all the beads started to look the same. The room is filled with other jewelry crazed designers all toting rolling suitcases to store their loot without breaking their backs. People we met were happy to share their experience and expertise with different techniques. It is really a fun, creative, exuberant and exhausting day!

Move Over Woody Allen

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Today we finished our first “studio short” movie. Literally, the movie is about our studio!!

We decided to join a pictorial blog hop that is happening  April 27th. The blog hop is a way for artists to share their workspace and reveal their dirty secrets. In typical Lucy and Ethel fashion, we only had about 30 takes.  Our IPad delete fingers got quite the workout. Lots of out takes which we will not share, due to profanity, unexpected noises, phone ringing, dogs barking, things falling over, shaky hands, bad timing, and TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!!!

We hope you’ll join us for the red carpet video premier on our blog  April 27, 2012.

New Direction

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For those of you who don’t already know, Stephanie and I have added a new line to our artwork. We are making one of a kind jewelry. The pieces are made from small original paper collages, paper clay , repurposed materials and whatever else inspires us. You can find it on  It all started with the collages, but seems to have steamrolled into an obsession! We’ll be participating in a blog hop the end of april, should be fun.



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We will be exhibiting at a juried craft show case. Please join us, Sunday March 13 10am – 6pm and Monday March 14 9am – 3pm. We have new paintings, paper art, decorative mirrors, prints and Judaica.
Har Zion Temple
1500 Hagys Ford Rd
Penn Valley, PA 19072

Stephanie and Natalie
Outre Art

New Years Resolutions?

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What is it about a New Year that makes us want to change? Are we so unhappy with the way things are, we feel the pressure to make resolutions, new starts, clean slates….? As artists are we supposed to change just because the date does?  Is this the opportunity to reflect on where we would like to see ourselves at the end of next year? The harshest of those critics who judge us are ourselves. This year brings disappointment over the goals not met from the previous year.  Are they still even relevant? As the years go by it may be time to change our focus.  Is this growth?

We see the “crappy” work on other websites and in galleries that sell, when ours doesn’t, (judgement). What makes them click the “buy” button? What are we missing?

As we look at our artwork, the question is, do we need to “change” to sell? Or, as we talk about all the time, should we be painting for a specific audience? We look at how we work our familiar subjects and we do the same thing because its comfortable and we get a ‘good’ result easily. Is this the time to go to artistic new places? What happens to the familiar art that we know how to do?  Should it or does it even need to stay with us as we move on? When do you shake off what you know and go to the place that you don’t know, and why should you?

This has been an ongoing discussion for us and we struggle with it every day. We hear from galleries that like our work, but are not willing to take a chance because their buyers are resistant to purchasing an emerging artist, or that they look for a particular style. The internet is more open to diverse artwork and makes it available to all viewers without the influence of a gallery’s opinion. So the question remains, how do we get to the audience/buyer for our work and what are you the audience/buyer looking for?

Stephanie and Natalie

Outre Art

Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

•December 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

Last time we talked about getting ready for Natalie’s solo flight at an Art show. She survived and the show was okay. The new projects received a lot of attention and sold very well. However, after commission and expenses, once again, we work for less than minimum wage. No wonder they call us “starving artists”…bah humbug. It’s nice to hear people appreciate our work and comment on the reasonable prices. So why isn’t more work selling? What are we missing?

Lately, it seems we beat ourselves up about the work selling and money. But at this time of year, what we all should be talking about is how much our families and friends mean to us. Forget about what gift to buy for whom, or how much everything costs. Take that extra dollar and instead of buying an overpriced latte schmatte, put it in the Salvation Army bucket, or find another charity that would appreciate it much more than the coffee. Instead of buying a gift, make a charitable donation in their name. The best gift is to tell your loved ones how you feel while you still have them with you. When they are no longer here, it is too late.

Happy Holidays to you whichever ones you celebrate. During this very busy time of year, take a moment to pause and observe the beauty that surrounds us. Whether it is in nature or in people it is important to appreciate our environment. We hope for a prosperous, healthy, and peaceful New Year for all.

Natalie and Stephanie

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